St. Pauli NU on Facebook – some magical Zeitgeist

Three and a half years ago i started the „St. Pauli News & Social Club“ as a blog and a corresponding facebook page for the magical district and its famous football club. This weekend we welcome the 10000th supporter. Time for some stats:

We are more men than women, what a pitty.
75% men, 21% women

We are from 18-44 years old, mostly: 71%

We are international:
mostly Germans, 52%
and from Greece, Italy, Austria, UK and Turkey.

We live in Cities, like Hamburg, Munich, Athens, Vienna and Berlin
We have half a million views in our articles on facebook and a high discussion rate

Sankt Pauli NU
Wir stemmen dieses Blog privat und freuen uns über Deine Unterstützung in Form einer monatlichen Spende (im Gegenwert eines Galao in der Schanze Bier nach dem Heimsieg ;)