Fabian Boll will end his magic career at FC St. Pauli in summer 2014 – his farewell announcement in plain English.

Our Midfielder of Hearts with the magic number #17 always had a fine sense for timing. Yesterday at ‘Derby Winners Day’ he announced his retirement from pro football in summer:
In a nutshell: At some point you are just “over the top” and it is a good moment to rise sails – although the idea to stop playing football after almost 30 years as a Pro feels absolutely unreal at the moment.
I have spent the past 12 years with this club, invested all I had, experienced more than I could ever have dreamed of. But there just simply comes the time when you no longer like / can / would / should try playing on this level any longer.
My greatest wish is to play at least one more match on the “magic green” – even if it’s only for a few minutes on the final match day of the season.
Although it is still a few months further, until the brown and white curtain falls for me, I want to take the opportunity to say “THANK YOU“!!
THANK YOU for 12 memorable years and to date 352 pro games in which I was allowed to wear the jersey of FC St.Pauli!
Believe me: it was something special for me every time I pulled over the jersey in the cabin, to go out and put everything into match that I was able to give that day.
THANK YOU for your support, your appreciation and even your opposition.
THANK YOU to all those who have always believed in me and sailed through difficult times with me, but also to those who have not have expected so much from me! They also had their share of my career.
THANK YOU for being a part of this magic chapter of FC St. Pauli.
(honestly I didn’t expected this when I started as a Rookie in 2002)
THANKS to everyone who supported us over all these years – from the depths of the 3rd Division to the first Bundesliga and (almost) back – accompanied us in reality and in their hearts, no matter how much storm arises from time to time.
And finally, of course, THANKS to all my coaches and especially to all the Boys in Brown with whom I had the honor to play with at Millerntor Stadium for so many years. Some real friendships have been formed those days.
I said that before: we were defeated often, stood up again and won glorious battles …
… Be sure that you will have a very special place in my heart until the day I die!
And while I sort my thoughts, so many memories come up in me …
… memories of ups and downs, of very bitter defeats & famous victories, of games that were screwed just before the end & of games that just “turned” in spite of hopeless residue with your support on Millerntor – remember Rostock 2009 ;), of Cup triumphs (Semifinals 2006) and embarrassment (actually all other years), from 8,000 on weekdays in Bremen ) & 7,000 in Fuerth, to celebrations with ten thousands in the district, memories of city championships, of lousy services & “perfect games”, 100% chances of Derby at Millerntor ), very funny trips & many “crisis meetings” AND many many unforgettable moments of goosebumps …
All the merits for you, because no matter how much the club has changed in recent years and will change further, certainly in the coming years, the only unique feature that this club will have is you will always be you!
Every time you brought the Millerntor to the brink of explosion or the stadium despite the residue in a continuous rain sang “You’ll never walk alone”, I knew why this club is “my club”.
Well … This is my story at FC St. Pauli – and this is now nearly over!
But I can assure you: all “aches and pains” i now carry around with me (and there are quite a few), they are worth it.
THERE ARE STILL SOME MATCHES TO BE PLAYED: And who knows … perhaps there are another very interesting chapters to write with the FCSP …??
But no matter how the story eventually comes to an end:
I can assure you, even if in football things are quickly forgotten, I will never never never forget these times with you!
Rock on! And we see us, hopefull,y back on the green at Millerntor!
Boller # 17 (C)