St. Pauli – Stuttgart: Stanislawski – „lesson learned“

„The games we have lost can be categorised as lessons that we must learn from,“ he told the Bild newspaper. „The players are just as annoyed as I am about the points that we don’t have but should have got. „It is not bad when you lose a game in which the opponents were clearly stronger, but to lose when you are clearly the stronger team is hard to take. „We can only have ourselves to blame, but we remain on the right path.“

That path should lead the Hamburg suburban side to victory over Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday.

Erik Hauth
Als waschechter St. Paulianer verpasst der passionierte Segler selten Heimspiele und fährt oft auswärts mit. Als Kolumnist schreibt Erik Hauth für Die ZEIT online über den FC St. Pauli. Twitter: @stpauli