CNN about St. Pauli, red lights and Jolly Roger

„A lot of squatters from the well known squats down at the docks in the 1980s brought a skull and crossbones flag to the club, as a joke, but it spread,“ explained Sven Brux, a lifelong supporter and head of fan organization and security at St. Pauli.

„It’s a symbol: we, the poor, are against the rich, rich [clubs] like [Bayern] Munich. Like pirates fighting for the poor against the rich. Now it’s an official club symbol.“

from „Punks, prostitutes and St. Pauli: Inside football’s coolest club“
By James Montague, for CNN

Erik Hauth
Als waschechter St. Paulianer verpasst der passionierte Segler selten Heimspiele und fährt oft auswärts mit. Als Kolumnist schreibt Erik Hauth für Die ZEIT online über den FC St. Pauli. Twitter: @stpauli