FC St. Pauli – when the winter comes the hype goes


Minus 6 deg. Celsius in the morning, ca. 400 fans wait for the ticket-counter to open up. And compared to the first leg of home matches the queue was little – nö doubt the Hype is over. The losses of the last games combined with the early cold period in Hamburg showed who is left.

Erik Hauth
Als waschechter St. Paulianer verpasst der passionierte Segler selten Heimspiele und fährt oft auswärts mit. Als Kolumnist schreibt Erik Hauth für Die ZEIT online über den FC St. Pauli.Twitter: @stpauli

One thought on “FC St. Pauli – when the winter comes the hype goes”

  1. At last!

    That’s good! So we can come back to usual business! Playing football and beeing a pain
    in the ass of the people who deserve it!

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