Welcome again at #Millerntor: FC St. Pauli Catalunya Supporters

They are one of the most active St. Pauli Fanclubs on Social Media. I follow them on Twitter and Facebook now for a while. There are not much occasions on which they manage to visit Home: Nice to have you around.

This saturday FC St. Pauli Catalunya Supporters will be in #Millerntor again. Forza St. Pauli!! #fcsp #Hamburg #fussball #football

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Vom Kiez zum Kap – Supporter werden #Crowdfunding

Ich bin eben Supporter des Filmprojektes „Vom Kiez zum Kap“ geworden, quasi auf den letzten Metern, denn nur noch bis zum 3. August läuft das Crowdfunding Projekt. Und, das ist besonders: die gesamte eigesammelte Kohle gibt es nur bei Erreichen des Funding-Ziels!

Vom Kiez zum Kap fehlen nur noch 321 Euro bis zum Fundingziel! Und 3 Tage noch, um die zusammenzubekommen – muss doch zu schaffen sein?

(Für alle, die den Film nicht kennen: Enthält neben der spannenden Abenteuerreise zweier St. Pauli-Fans durch Afrika auch viele tolle Bilder vom Aufstieg 2010 und der Stadionrekonstruktion. Immer wieder Gänsehautgefahr!), via 1910ev

What this „Sozialromantiker“-Protest and „Jolly Rouge“-Stuff is all about

We have many Follower who do not speak german very well. That’s why i planned to explain the ongoing protest and initiatives of FCSP-Supporters in St. Pauli in english. Funny thing: the guys from Sozialromantiker-Ini did it by themselves and translated their claims in english:

A bit of an explanation of the word “Sozialromantiker” first: a Sozialromantiker has a „romantic“ view on social achievements, with the word “romantic” intended to give the impression of outfashioned, outdated, unnecessary views. Former club president Corny Littmann labeled the group behind the protest against the “Millerntaler”, an artificial currency for the Millerntor, with that term and they took it over, interpreting it in a positive way. The Sozialromantiker are not a static group, but there are a couple of more or less anonymous activists that form the core of this initiative while about everybody is invited to become involved in their own way and even by simply signing the petition below you become a Sozialromantiker at heart yourself.

Enough Is Enough! „What this „Sozialromantiker“-Protest and „Jolly Rouge“-Stuff is all about“ weiterlesen

CNN about St. Pauli, red lights and Jolly Roger

„A lot of squatters from the well known squats down at the docks in the 1980s brought a skull and crossbones flag to the club, as a joke, but it spread,“ explained Sven Brux, a lifelong supporter and head of fan organization and security at St. Pauli.

„It’s a symbol: we, the poor, are against the rich, rich [clubs] like [Bayern] Munich. Like pirates fighting for the poor against the rich. Now it’s an official club symbol.“

from „Punks, prostitutes and St. Pauli: Inside football’s coolest club“
By James Montague, for CNN