FC St. Pauli starts US-Tour 2018 in May

Other heavyweights of German football travel through Asia because this is where the target group of the future lies. FC St. Pauli is starting a tour to America this May. Probably to sell more hoodies with the Jolly Roger on it.

The sparrows are already whistling it through Twitter that the US fans of the magical FCSP are announcing blatant news. In my case, the bird was Ian Joy, former boy in Brown and St. Paulis best ambassador in the USA.

After the end of the season, the Kiezkicker will go to the USA: May 15-24,2018 with test matches in Detroit and Portland.

After the end of the season (by FC St. Pauli) a trip to the United States. The Kiezkicker will fly to the USA from 15th to 24th May 2018 and will play two matches against Detroit City FC (19th May) and Portland Timbers 2 (22nd May).

Especially in Detroit there is a small but active group of St. Paulians, who are very excited.

FCSP-Shop USA is strategic target #1

I just think the US tour is logical. With the launch of the US-Merchandise Shop a little over a year ago, one has still hung on tours of punk bands, now the club itself is the star. A tour of Jolly Roger to give the young people in the Rust Belt an icon for their fight against trumpism and racism?

Logical step towards fashion label with associated football department

I’m hearing a lot of critical voices right now. I mean, yes we should discuss that. But please keep one thing in mind: we have elected Oke and his board to make the FCSP more independent from the arbitrary decisions of the DFL. This includes, as I said in our podcast recently, the development of alternative sources of income.
Yes, this could be true that FC St. Pauli is actually developing into a pop label and fashion label with an affiliated football department. Would that be so bad?